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Animal SmartChip

From the Serengeti to your Sofa: Any Animal's Health and Location right at your Fingertips!








Location Tracking

Traditionally, GPS has been the primary technology for animal tracking. However, these devices, which are externally attached to the animals, can present challenges such as snagging on objects or falling off.

At ICOE Pet, we’re innovating in this space by developing a self-charging, implantable SmartChip that leverages Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology for precise location tracking.

This advanced technology offers a range of applications. It can help you locate a lost pet, automatically tally endangered species at feeding sites, or even send you an alert if a mountain lion is present on your jogging trail, providing its exact location for your safety.

Biometrics and Health

Every day, animals undergo unnecessary stress due to two basic procedures: temperature measurement and heartbeat monitoring. These procedures shouldn’t require animals to be restrained or sedated.

We’re revolutionizing this process by integrating a microchip with a smartphone, enabling these procedures to be conducted without contact. This touchless approach not only reduces stress for the animals, but also allows for more frequent data collection, helping to establish health patterns and early detection of health issues. Ultimately, this could lead to healthier animals and significant cost savings.

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