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Who am I?


Hi, I'm Denise, inventor of the SmartChip and CEO of ICOE Pet LLC. 4 years ago I found a puppy on the sidewalk. On my way to a vet I had an epiphany: wouldn't it be great if I could check for a microchip on my cell phone instead of having to take him somewhere? It wasn't until 1 year later that it became possible. I read a tech article that Apple and Samsung were adding UWB to their phones. This was my chance, and five pending patents later, the SmartChip was born.
By the way, the puppy's microchip wasn't registered, so I decided to adopt him, even though he was gravely ill. The vet did a terrific job keeping him alive and making him better. Atlas is now 100lbs and I'm so grateful for what the vet did that first month.   

Over $120 Billion spent on animal health each year.

Why invest in ICOE Pet?

ICOE Pet is at the forefront of innovating a revolutionary microchip design, unparalleled in the current landscape, underscored by our five pending patents.

Its unique structure paves the way for capabilities that are unattainable with current designs.

Leveraging cutting-edge technology, this microchip will interface with smart phones, heralding a new era in animal healthcare that was previously inconceivable.

Equipped with advanced features like real-time tracking, temperature monitoring, and heartbeat measurement, this SmartChip is poised to penetrate a wide array of markets that are currently inaccessible to existing microchips.


You see the potential, now join us on the journey.
Click here for more information on investing in ICOE Pet. 

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