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One Small SmartChip, So Much Potential

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Zoos are home to a wide variety of animals, and they prioritize the safety of humans and the health of the animals above all else.

With the progression of new SmartChip technology, zoos have shown a growing interest in our research. We have received inquiries from zoos interested in forming a partnership with us. As per their feedback, assessing the vitals of large carnivores can endanger both the zoo staff and the animals.

The implementation of remote monitoring could prove advantageous not only for routine health assessments, but also for gaining daily insights into the animals’ behavior. This could potentially enable keepers to detect and address issues earlier than previously possible.


Farmers often manage hundreds of animals, requiring daily monitoring. Our SmartChip could provide automated solutions to streamline this process. This includes automatic counting of animals in fields and alerts for animals that stray beyond set boundaries.


Furthermore, health monitoring features, such as early detection of abnormal temperatures, could preemptively identify potential illnesses, thereby preventing them from spreading throughout the entire herd or flock.


As human encroachment on wildlife habitats increases, the potential for unfortunate incidents rises. Our innovative SmartChip could serve as a preventive measure against unwanted human-wildlife interactions. It could alert joggers to the presence of mountain lions or other potentially dangerous creatures nearby, or notify officials when a wild animal considered a nuisance strays into populated areas.

Moreover, the SmartChip could aid wildlife officials in remotely tracking endangered species, contributing to their conservation efforts.


Every year, hundreds of manatees fall victim to boat propeller strikes, primarily because they often swim just below the water’s surface and remain unseen.

The integration of our SmartChip technology into manatees could significantly enhance their safety. It would alert boaters to the proximity of a manatee, enabling them to steer clear and prevent potential harm.

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