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Making the Smart Choice

Current Technology

The technology of pet microchipping has remained stagnant for nearly four decades. Each microchip requires a unique scanner to decipher its ID, leading to a fragmented system. This technological fragmentation results in tens of thousands of pets being euthanized annually, as shelters struggle to locate their owners.

SmartChip Technology

Our SmartChip sets itself apart with its unique capability to be scanned from a distance of 1 meter using a smartphone, while simultaneously ensuring compatibility with all existing scanners in the market.

Furthermore, the Ultra-Wideband (UWB) real-time tracking provides the most sophisticated pet tracking feature available, significantly reducing the likelihood of prolonged separation from your pet should they go missing.


Biometrics on your Smartphone

Stay updated with your pet’s health at the touch of a button. Discerning between a tired pet and a pet with a fever can provide you with reassurance.

The app will log your pet’s temperature and heart rate data. You will be able to configure automatic notifications for when the readings deviate from the usual range.

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