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Vet Testimonials

Vet Testimonials

We Surveyed 100's of Vets. One thing they all agreed on was that a new microchip is needed. 

Results of survey:

Do you think an update of microchip technology is needed?

Do you think adding cell phone compatibility will make it easier to reunite pets with their owners?

How likely would you be to use the SmartChip and/or recommend it to pet owners?

Do you see a benefit in having a temperature feature?


1 to 5 Paws

4.9 Paws

4.4 Paws

4.4 Paws

4.6 Paws

Is it important for the SmartChip to be backward compatible so a convential scanner can be used?

5 Paws

Dr. K******

Great idea

I love the idea and think it would be beneficial to take a step out of the process by not having to call the company to retrieve information as well as owners potentially being able to do it from home if they find a pet.

Dr. J******

I do like the fact that this is cell phone compatible, in the event that we are having issues with our scanner here. It would also be useful for ACOs & rescues who may have limited budgets for additional scanners.
I also like the temperature feature-- great for pets coming in for routine exams! Has yours been tested to see how reliable it is against a rectal temperature?

Dr. B******

Dr. P******


Sounds like a very cool idea. Microchips are due for an update with all the new technology present.

Dr. V******

Dr. P******

Sounds like a great idea especially considering the advancement of technology and active 24/7 location services on other devices.

Dr. S******

It’s a good idea, I would have to see how it works to be able to recommend it.

Interesting and beneficial advancement

Dr. D******

Dr. G******

This chip is extremely useful in working with exotic small mammals such as ferrets. The temperature feature is great in clinic for a fear free handling for temperature readings.

Dr. N******

We work with such a wide range of species, but by protocol every animal here is microchipped when able. I would say that some species that come to mind where your microchip may be helpful are wild equid species where a fever can vastly change our differential list, but is difficult to assess under anesthesia. Additionally, large carnivores would be a vital species to evaluate core temperature prior to anesthesia.

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