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Biosensing & Tracking

Most pet owners think their pets are microchipped but don't have a way of checking unless they buy a microchip scanner.  Why would they do that, just to check some numbers?


ICOE Pet's Smartchip, a microchip you can check with your phone. That's a start, but can it do anything else?

Our Smartchip will not only tell you the ID of your pet but it also is fitted with biosensors and a way to track your pet, if it ever goes missing. 


I've already microchipped my pets, can I re-microchip them? 



Not a problem, the ICOE Pet uses different technology and will not affect your current microchip.

Sensors for Health Monitoring

Our aim was to develop a microchip that would offer pet owners more than just a list of ID numbers. We discarded the existing microchip designs and started anew from the ground up.

Having available health information on their smartphone was very important to pet owners. Temperature and heartbeat sensing is vital to the wellness of any animal. Having the capability at their fingertips can help pet owners make educated decisions. The app will alert owners if it senses abnormal readings.    


The benefit of monitoring animal health metrics isn’t limited to pets. We are in discussions with US zoos, interested in collaborating with us to research and test our Smartchip on their large carnivores and wild equids. These animals would serve as the initial subjects for the study.

Location & Tracking

Monitoring an animal, be it a domestic pet or a wild creature, poses a challenge unless they are tagged. The limitations of any GPS tracking system include the necessity for battery recharging and the risk of the animal losing the tag.

At ICOE Pet, we’re revolutionizing animal tracking by integrating this feature into microchips. You will no longer have to worry about charging your GPS tag or it getting snagged and falling off.

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