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Harness the Power of your Big Dog!

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Seat Belt Restraint
Molle System
Detachable Bags
Metal Buckles

Engineered for dogs that weigh between 50 to 150 lbs..  

54 lb Bulldog would fit our made to measure Smart Harness

55 lbs

Don't worry our Smart Harness is water proof

90 lbs

We even make a Smart Harness for Anatolian Shepherd

145 lbs

Each Smart Harness is Tailored to fit your dog.
We don't believe one Size/Shape fits All. 

Smart Harness by ICOE

3 Welded "D" Rings.

1/2" Padding..

6 Metal Alloy Buckles. 5000 lb. Rating.

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Traffic handle gif.gif

Patent Pending Seatbelt Fastener, spreads the pressure across the chest.

Seatbelt holds your pet in the seat area. Allows them to sit, stand and lie down. 

Rated for dogs up to 150lbs.

Patent Pending "A" design.

Designed for comfort, safety and security for Big Dogs. 

Your Harness is made to fit your dog, not a range of dogs.

Non-chafing harness for big dogs

Dogs are not designed to carry items on their backs. 

The strongest part of the dog is their shoulders. Our bags fit across this area.  

Having the bags in this postion reduces the risk of hip dysplasia as they age. 

Dog bags for hiking

Our Molle System is removeable. Only use it when needed.  

The advantage of a detachable Molle System is that you only have to replace the Molle System when the Velcro wears out and not the whole harness. 

Molle System on dog harness
Dog in the park with ICOE Smart Harness

Harnesses should be for everyday use, whether it's 100 degrees or raining in winter.

Our harness is the only harness that you need all year round. It's lightweight and waterproof.  

We don't sacrifice Safety and Security to save a few dollars.

Space grade alloy. Same Weight as 3 pencils.

Each buckle has a pull strength of over 5000 lbs., compared to plastic at only 150 lbs.

Metal Alloy Dog harness buckles
Collar and leash GIF.gif

Our collars and leashes are made with the same quality and attention to detail as our harnesses. Whether you go with the non-pull leash or the standard leash, you will get metal frog clips to attach to the collar with ease. 

The collars have 2 D-rings, a Traffic handle and a metal buckle with a 5000 lb. break-strength

A collar can be used with either leash we sell. The non-pull, clips onto 2 D-rings. The standard leash, clips onto 1 D-ring.

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